Steve Kolowiecki gives speech at Wuhan

ATB Morley’s Managing Director Steve Kolowiecki Gives Speech at Wuhan New Year Review

Wednesday Feb 12th - 15:51

The ‘Wuhan project’ is a joint venture between the ATB group & Wolong Electric Group Co. Ltd for the purpose of the co-ownership of a motor manufacturing plant in Wuhan, China. The project has seen several developments in recent months as ATB gradually introduce new practices to the Chinese factory.

The Wuhan facility, which is set to become ATB Wuhan (Motors) Co. Ltd. upon approval, is now under ATB management and will benefit greatly from the knowledge and expertise held by Morley staff, who have embraced the project with open arms.

Last month, ATB reviewed Wuhans’ product offering and quality assurance before installing a new factory layout to assist with the integration of new products.

Morley staff also attended the Wuhan Chinese New Year review, where managing director Steve Kolowiecki added to festive spirits with a short but well received speech:

“It’s around 2 years since people from ATB and ATB Morley came to the Wuhan Wolong Electric Motor Factory for the first time. The aim was to manufacture ATB Morley motors for the Chinese domestic coal mining market – to sell to customers who no longer bought smaller output ATB Morley motors but took the risk of buying motors made by Chinese domestic manufacturers.

We have seen many changes and improvements in the factory since that first visit, ATB, and particularly ATB Morley recognised the potential of the Wuhan factory – like a sleeping giant – which is why the factory now has people from ATB Morley in the executive management, along with experts from the key manufacturing areas.

The huge potential is also the reason why ATB have risked some of their hard earned profits in the JV with Wolong Electric – the joint venture company now owning the Wuhan business.

There has been some of the ATB Morley Management staff and experts as regular visitors to Wuhan and 9 Wuhan employees and Managers have been to the UK visiting ATB Morley to learn some of the skills and systems required for the new venture.

The ATB Morley workers and management were very impressed with the knowledge, willingness and dedication of the Wuhan visitors. The visits to Morley from Wuhan, and the 3 weeks the Morley team has just spent in Wuhan before the Chinese New Year are just the start of a long and difficult journey. A journey which we will make together – with support from Wolong and ATB to reach the goal of re-building the Wuhan business to the level of any other ATB factory.

We have the full support from both ATB and Wolong. This will be seen more in the area that apart from our quality improvements is most critical – the area of sales. It is agreed that we can create a Sales Department in Wuhan to start quoting our improved and new motors. In addition, we have the support of ATB Sales in Shanghai for the Chinese market, Wolong International for export, as well as the whole ATB Sales network globally who will be looking for opportunities that can be made here in Wuhan. Opportunities and enquiries have already been received for the new ATB Motors (Wuhan) Company.

These enquiries and prospects are exciting and challenging and we will draw on the support of ATB and Wolong to rise to the challenge and make it a complete success.”

This strategic extension of the ATB group serves to increase ATB’s market share and to provide a production platform for local manufacturing in China. It gives ATB the opportunity to enhance its position in the global market place. The new co-operation also further strengthens synergies between Wolong and ATB and therefore constitutes a win-win situation for both groups of companies.

ATB will begin manufacturing at the Wuhan facility in the third quarter of 2014 and look forward to the journey ahead.  To keep up to date with the latest developments on this project and many more, you can now follow ATB Morley on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook.

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